50W RV & OFF-GRID SOLAR Charger for iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 7 Plus, iPad, Galaxy S9 S8 Edge Note 8, Nexus, GPS
Compatible Devices
Technical Specs
FAQ & Handbook
Base Camp Specialty
- Waterproof Panels for Outdoor Protection
- Extended Charging Cable
- Supports Fast Charging Technology
- Ultra-lightweight, Paper-thin
- Convenient for long-term use outdoors
- Safe-- no glass, or metal frame
- Shock resistant & Shatterproof
- Waterproof Panels
- Bendable, flexible thin film solar cells.
- Charges generators, batteries, laptops, and other large USB devices.
- Modular design- use independently or combine units for double/triple power generation.
- Additional parallel/ series box sold separately. Required to combine units.
Signature Solar Camp Features
CIGS Thin Film Technology
- Innovative CIGS solar cells are more flexible, durable, and efficient than traditional PV and semi-flexible solar cells.
High Conversion Rate
- Quick-charging technology
- Good performance in low light & harsh weather conditions
- Fully charges iPhone X in 2 hrs with full sun
- 15.5V output voltage charges a variety of USB devices (e.g. phones, tablets, power banks, MP3 players, Bluetooth speakers, etc.)
- IPX8 waterproof solar panels
- Water-resistant junction box
- Shatterproof
- Shock-resistant
- Kid-proof
- Lightweight (< 2.9 lbs)
- Compact
Flexible to Your Needs
- Bends past 90°
- Portable for on the go Adventures
- Foldable for easy storage
- Hang from anywhere
Premium Materials
Our raw materials are sourced from Silicon Valley, Japan, and Italy
1-Year Warranty & Local Support Team
- 1-Year limited warranty
- US-based customer support team
- Smartphones (iPhone X or Galaxy S9)
- Tablets (iPad Pro 11 or Galaxy Tab S4)
- Power Banks (Anker 5k mAh or Anker 10k mAh or RAVPower 22k mAh)
- Body Cameras (Go Pro Hero 7)
- E-Readers (Paperwhite 4)
- Speakers (Charge 4)
- 50W
- 15.5V
- Fully charges iPhone X in 2 hours.
- Unfolded -55.8 x 24.6 x 0.08 in.
- Folded- 11.8 x 7.3 x 2 in.
- Weight- 2.9 lbs
- Available in Camo
Solar Panel
- Cell Type - CIGS Thin Film
- Model # - SC-C50-12GN
- Warranty - 12 month limited warranty from the date of purchase
- Connecter - 15.5V USB 2.0 Port
- Compatibility - Most USB Devices. Excludes Type-C & VOOC Ports.
- 5V USB & 12 V Direct Charging Adapter
- Carabiners (x6)
- Travel Bag (x1)
Q: IS THE BASE CAMP WATERPROOF? Yes, our solar panels are waterproof. However, avoid submerging the junction box in water as the USB ports are not waterproof. Should the USB ports get wet, let it dry out before use.
Q: WHAT CAN I CHARGE DIRECTLY FROM THE BASE CAMP? Most small devices ranging from headphones to tablets can be charged directly from the Base Camp directly.
Q: WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO USE THE BASE CAMP? For optimal performance, use the solar panel to charge a power bank, then use the power bank to charge your electronic devices.
Q: HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THE BASE CAMP IS WORKING EFFICIENTLY? Make sure the solar panel is facing the sun directly. If the solar panel is being used behind glass or any object obstructing the sun's rays, it may not function at full capacity.
Q: HOW FLEXIBLE IS THE BASE CAMP? While this product has been engineered to be as flexible as possible, great care should be taken to avoid over bending the product as it may cause creases and affect the functionality of the solar panel.
Q: DOES THIS PRODUCT COME WITH A WARRANTY? Yes, this product comes with a 12-month limited warranty. The product will be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal consumer use during the applicable warranty period.